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Life Coaching

Effective Life Coaching Services

Coaching is a professional-client relationship and it aims at facilitating the creation or development of your personal, business, or professional goals. Our experienced coach will develop a strategy or action plan for your growth and development and work with you throughout your coaching engagement.

Our Commitment to You

At Purposeful Solutions, LLC, we are committed to guiding you towards solutions that will improve your everyday and workplace relationships. With the assistance of Cynthia, our experienced coach, you’ll learn how to improve your communication skills as well as your interpersonal skills.

Our session aims at helping you build awareness of not only yourself but of others. With the help of proven assessment tools from Via Character Strengths and the Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP), Cynthia can help you identify and amplify your character strengths and your EQ skills so you can be a more effective leader.

We believe that the power of positive thoughts has the ability to trump all other factors. That’s why we start each coaching relationship believing that you’re already successful in your own right.

You can count on our coach to help you improve yourself in whatever environment you choose to build in. Your understanding of the impact you can have on someone's life and the identification of your authentic self can help you live a more effective, enthusiastic, and supportive life.

Other Coaching Tools We Use to Enhance Your Life

At Purposeful Solutions, LLC, we strongly support and follow the field of positive psychology. The tips, coaching tools, and techniques we use often come directly from research findings, suggested readings, activities, and practices. We'll be happy to share more information about our services and the tools we use in the course of our coaching relationship.
Life Coaching

About Cynthia Miller, Our Experienced Coach

Cynthia has 15 years of non-profit experience in leadership roles and has been facilitating training and panel forums at District 27 Toastmasters events in the Washington, DC area. She also has more than 20 years of experience in the Wolf Trap Foundation Associates Hospitality Program, serving as a leader of volunteers for several of those years, adding to her group leadership experience.

She is currently the VP Administration for the Institute of Management Consultants, NCR chapter. Cynthia strongly believes that the key to purposeful solutions is to not only build on organizational strengths but to create strong cross-functional alliances as well. 

Cynthia has been a coach for the last 8 years and she loves the life she has built here in McLean, VA. She is a certified coach and a member of Toastmasters International.

Our coaching services are available across miles and timings are flexible. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.
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"Cynthia is a talented and creative facilitator who designs and leads productive and purposeful workshops that produce excellent team building and strategic problem-solving results. Her ability to listen to many positions and concerns, and help groups achieve consensus and common direction is a valuable asset to business and community groups."

"What has coaching done for me since we started? How has Cynthia's coaching helped me make progress on my goals? I have become more confident in myself - really understanding how who I am is unique and can contribute greatly to whatever it is I set out to do, if I choose it and let it happen, which was my goal. Cynthia turned some old habits upside down and helped me to see that my perspective was doing more damage than whatever else happened to me. I appreciated that she was persistent and didn't let me drop unpleasant comments but helped me to review them and see them from a different perspective. Also, she was willing to practice with me ways to handle situations, leaving me feeling assured that I could handle them on my own. Another plus is that I am using intention rather than expectations, and find that I do not experience anywhere near the amount of disappointment as I did in the past."

"Cynthia’s coaching helped me gain new perspectives on difficult issues I faced while leading an effort to transform a volunteer organization to meet its goals. In parallel, she gave me tools to envision and take action on some long-standing, yet dormant, personal goals. As a result, Cynthia helped me balance service to others with taking time for myself in a way that was illuminating, energizing and mutually beneficial. Able to share openly because our discussions were totally confidential, she became a highly trusted advisor. Bottom line, the organizational transformation was a success and I emerged a more competent and confident leader. Now I’m focused on achieving the compelling future she helped me envision. What a pleasure it is to work with Cynthia!"
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